Our technicians use the latest computerized diagnostic equipment and software as well as the latest factory tools to provide an unsurpassed level of automotive service. >>>


We handle all levels of service and maintenance and with a same-day service goal, work hard to get you and your car back on the road as soon as possible. >>>


Regularly scheduled maintenance, major service and tuning, engine and transmission overhaul, tire sales featuring NOKIA...we offer a variety of services. >>>

What is the Difference Between Maintenance and Repair?

Only 47% of vehicle owners follow a maintenance schedule. Let us maintain your car.

Every vehicle requires maintenance but you as the owner decide what your car reiceves. Maintenance is in essence preventative care for your car. Repairs are a form of "breakdown maintenance." Following a maintenance schedule may seem costly but in fact, the benefits of maintenance over repair are cost-saving. Think about it - when you regularly schedule a 3000-mile oil change, the service is done on your watch and you are prepared financially but if your car breaks down, chances are you don't have the time or the money to deal with it. With proper maintenance you help maintain your vehicle warranty*, prevent unexpected, costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns and prolong the life of your vehicle. Factory recommended maintenance is provided for every vehicle. Many of these maintenance issues are associated with your safety as well!

With each standard oil change, we provide a complimentary visual inspection looking at a few main areas of your car that require consistent maintenance including:

*Did you know that in most cases your vehicle warranty is rendered null and void if you don't follow the factory recommended maintenance schedule? Talk to one of our certified technicians today to evaluate your cars maintenance schedule.

We do things Differently

Focusing on quality services using quality products based on YOUR car's needs. Here are some examples.
Engine Performance
We use brand-specific scanners to diagnose drivability problems or engine issues. Without the use of the appropriate diagnostic equipment and educated technicians to interpret the data, servicing your engine is a guessing game. Our technicians follow a "diagnose, service and test" method - we run diagnostics on your car again after we have made repairs to ensure issues are fully solved.
ABS Systems & Traction Controls
We use high quality European ceramic brake pads and OEM brake roters. When you see the ABS (Antilock Brake System) light appear in your car it is imperative that you have your car's brake system checked. When service is needed, we use diagnostic equipment and quality parts that ensure long-term effectiveness.
Oil Changes
When performing an oil change we determine what kind of product to use based on the standards and requirements of your vehicles manufacturer. This means that with each time we service your car for a "standard" oil change, we service your car based on its individual needs. We stock a variety of quality oil products including Castrol regular oil, make/model specific fully synthetic oil and OEM filters.

Diagnostic Labor

Access to information about your vehicle

Diagnostics are the first and foremost important step to servicing your car, especially for newer vehciles whose systems are more technically advanced. Diagnostic labor is tests, analysis, inspection and, at times, process of elimination. This important step in servicing your car helps us sort out the complex myriad of possible issues or problems. Once we diagnose any issues in your car, our technicians contact you to discuss what they have found so that you are fully aware of what we have found in your car and its needs moving forward. While we take care of the diagnosis, we want to keep you in the decision making process regarding the services your car recieves.

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Service Warranty Options

Our services are guaranteed.

We offer a 1-year parts and labor warranty to our customers on all services performed. This covers all parts and labor.