Why are Parts Important?

The kind of parts used in your car play a vital role in performance and durability. We works with a variety of suppliers worldwide to provide high-end, top quality parts specific to your car. We take the industry standard to the next level in utilizing parts that will ensure your cars optimum performance and a lasting durability.

Parts Inquiry

We stock and sell a full line of OEM factory replacement parts as well as a large, quality selection of used parts.

Brand Names

European Motors features quality parts and tools. The brands say it all...


Driving in the winter requires good tires: high-quality products that improve safety and level out differences in weather conditions. Nokian Tires offers the market’s widest and most comprehensive range of winter tires. These tires are especially good for SUV's. Driving is enjoyable when the weather does not cause surprises. Ask us about getting your set of Nokian winter tires for your car.


The Bosch Service network is a collection of the top independent repair centers in the country. As an official Bosch Service center, European Motors receives quality parts, diagnostic and wheel service equipment from Bosch, the largest original-equipment parts manufacturer in the world. Bosch makes auto parts that keep vehicles running at peak performance and high quality diagnostic tools to keep your vehicle on the road.

OEM >>>

OEM stands for "original equipment [from] manufacturer". When referring to automotive parts, an OEM replacement part or product is made by the manufacturer of the original part. OEM parts not only make sense in your car but they are made to the precise specifications of the manufacturer which means that your car will simply run better and there is less chance of unexpected issues down the road.

Quality Guaranteed: Parts Warranty

All parts installed and serviced by EMS have a one-year warranty.